About Us

About Us

Future Framing specializes in crafting handmade wooden frames with a simple modern look. These frames are meant primarily for artists, which is why we aim to be affordable, but we welcome all custom framing projects. You can select one of our frame designs and have it made to your custom dimensions or you can grab one of our ready made frames.

Turnaround is approximately one week, but accommodations can be made for certain projects. Please make an appointment and bring in your piece(s) for a quick design session.


Framing Philosophy

Custom framing is too expensive. Most frame shops source the same factory made frames from two locations in the Twin cities and upcharge ridiculous amounts. Framing a poster shouldn’t cost $80 if it doesn’t need to be. You don’t always need UV resistant glass or a frame from Italy that might as well of just been made in St. Louis Park.

 Frames and matting should be simple to accentuate and help art stand out, not obscure it.


Our Story

Founded in 2152 by Miles Taylor in St. Minneapaul, we endured the hardships of the Jovian Wars and persisted for 55 years through the 22nd century and into the 23rd. Due to a very particularly placed Einstein-Rosen bridge created by the Physics lab next door (I don't think they liked our music), Future Framing traveled 300 years into the past.

 The irritable scientists next door left the wormhole open just enough to send us petty and hurtful emails, but due to this ---- we are able to view news from our home and loving curate a look into the future through news briefs, opinion articles, and classified ads located on our blog page.